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Rapport Building within the Therapeutic Relationship

At https://www.silverliningsmh.com/, our therapists strive to build rapport with each client.  Trust is an essential part of the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client. Here are some tips for building rapport with your therapist:


  • Be open and honest: Honesty and openness are integral for building trust and rapport with your therapist. Try to be as honest as possible about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, even if they are difficult to discuss.


  • Verbalize your needs and expectations: Let your therapist know what you hope to achieve from therapy, and what your expectations are. This can help your therapist tailor their approach to your specific goals.


  • Listen actively: Actively listening to your therapist and engaging in the conversation can help build rapport and show your therapist that you are invested in the process.


  • Be patient: Building rapport takes time, so be patient with the process. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable or unsure at first, but as you continue to meet with your therapist, the relationship will develop.


  • Find common ground: Try to find common ground with your therapist, such as shared hobbies or interests. This can help build a connection and make therapy feel less intimidating.


  • Ask questions: If you have any questions or concerns about therapy, don’t be afraid to ask your therapist. This can help establish an open and honest dialogue and further build trust.


Overall, building rapport with your therapist is an ongoing process that requires communication, honesty, and patience. With time and effort, a strong therapeutic relationship can be established, which can lead to greater therapeutic outcomes!

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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Proud Owner of Silver Linings Mental Health.  I am currently focusing on expanding our practice, teaching trauma informed care through the Silver Linings Institute, and providing consultation services to other practice owners.

I love empowering other therapists to take the leap into the world of private practice.  Whether you are an already established practice or are just beginning, I will provide guidance.  Oftentimes, the biggest obstacle is transferring from a therapist’s mindset to now being a business owner. 

The therapist’s mindset encompasses a deep understanding of human behavior, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. This perspective is invaluable in navigating interpersonal relationships, fostering a positive company culture, and addressing the psychological aspects of both employees and clients.

Simultaneously, the business owner mindset contributes a results-driven orientation, strategic vision, and a keen sense of adaptability to the mix. Entrepreneurs are adept at setting goals, making informed decisions, and steering their company through challenges.

The merging of these two mindsets can result in a holistic leadership style that recognizes the symbiotic relationship between employee well-being and business success. This integrative approach not only enhances team dynamics but also cultivates a work environment where individuals feel understood, supported, and motivated to contribute their best, thereby creating a thriving and sustainable business.  I will help you with combining both mindsets in order to foster a sustainable business plan.