Silver Linings Mental Health

We Accept Medicaid, Medicare,
*Most Commercial Insurance, and Private Pay

See below for a description on the insurances we accept.

Insurances Accepted


United/AARP Medicare Advantage

We accept United Healthcare Medicare which is often known as Medicare AARP or Medicare Advantage.

Colorado Medicaid

Health First Colorado is the state's Medicaid program and consists of 7 Regions, or Regional Accountability Entities (RAEs), based on your assigned Primary Care Provider. We accept all 7 RAEs: Colorado Access (RAE 3 and 5), CCHA (RAE 6 and 7), Northeast Health Partners (RAE 2), Health Colorado (RAE 4) and Rocky Mountain Health Plans RAE1). If you do not know which RAE you are assigned to, we can look it up for you.


We accept traditional Medicare plans .

Aetna and Aetna Medicare Advantage

We accept both commercial and Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans. 

Humana and Humana Medicare Advantage

We accept both commercial and Humana Medicare Advantage Plans.


We Accept Anthem Commercial and Medicare Advantage Plans

United/Optum Commercial Plans

We accept all United and Optum Commercial Plans 


We accept Tricare plans. Please note: active military plans do require pre-authorization.

Railroad Medicare/Palmetto GBA

We accept Railroad Medicare/Palmetto GBA. 


Cigna is now Evernorth! We accept Evernorth Commercial and Medicare Advantage plans


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Thank you for your interest in Silver Linings Mental Health. We understand therapy can be an intimidating process and we recognize that it requires great courage to reach out. We have a team of compassionate therapists eager to help.


I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and Proud Owner of Silver Linings Mental Health.  I am currently focusing on expanding our practice, teaching trauma informed care through the Silver Linings Institute, and providing consultation services to other practice owners.

I love empowering other therapists to take the leap into the world of private practice.  Whether you are an already established practice or are just beginning, I will provide guidance.  Oftentimes, the biggest obstacle is transferring from a therapist’s mindset to now being a business owner. 

The therapist’s mindset encompasses a deep understanding of human behavior, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. This perspective is invaluable in navigating interpersonal relationships, fostering a positive company culture, and addressing the psychological aspects of both employees and clients.

Simultaneously, the business owner mindset contributes a results-driven orientation, strategic vision, and a keen sense of adaptability to the mix. Entrepreneurs are adept at setting goals, making informed decisions, and steering their company through challenges.

The merging of these two mindsets can result in a holistic leadership style that recognizes the symbiotic relationship between employee well-being and business success. This integrative approach not only enhances team dynamics but also cultivates a work environment where individuals feel understood, supported, and motivated to contribute their best, thereby creating a thriving and sustainable business.  I will help you with combining both mindsets in order to foster a sustainable business plan.